Rise in the Fall

Even in its fall, a flower fulfills its purpose of spreading beauty. What deters you to stop being who you are? Be what are meant to be. 
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Happy Friendship Day!

‘I am glad you are with me. Here at the end of all things, Sam’ – Frodo

It is that day of the year again when we wish each other, now more on social media than face to face! Friendship bands, greeting cards, promises and social posts… we celebrate this day in anyway we can! 

Does it make you reflect on your life? What do you think about friendship, going back into your school days and till today? I can bet there must be a plethora of stories, experiences, hugs, laughter and tears… no, I’m not going to harp on about feelings and past.

I want to share with yousome examples of friendship I find so endearing that I wish to experience it. Yes, there are so many different ways we can be friends with others, so many different kinds of people we can be friends with! I will share some examples you might want to replicate in your life.

  1. The Kid and Charlie Chaplin

The Kid is one of the most famous movies Charlie has ever made. Though the relationship between the kid and Charlie is more of an adopted son and his father, I see a beautiful connection called FRIENDSHIP here. 

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There is more than a relationship between these two tramps; there is an element of humanity. There is mutual love & support in times of need and a commitment to one another. 

Charlie takes care of the abandoned infant and in return, once the newborn becomes a boy, he never leaves Charlie’s side. 

It is the direst of times you can find the dearest of friends! Isn’t that what friendship is all about? About having one’s back through good times and bad?

2. Harry and Dumbledore

Then there are some bonds that transcend others; of a student and a teacher, a mentor and the mentored, of Harry and Dumbledore! What J.K. Rowling gave us through her famous series is so beautiful when you feel the relations portrayed between the characters.

Whether it is the bond between Harry, Ron & Hermione or between Snape and Lily, we see the power of love in her stories. For that matter, in Cuckoo’s Calling, the relationship between Detective Cormoran Strike and his temporary secretary Robin Ellacot showcases this intricate relation so gracefully!

Coming back to Harry & his headmaster, it is a rare bond. Dumbledore was a mentor, a parent and a savior for Harry, who carried out Albus’s purpose along with his own (you really need to read this series if you haven’t already!).

3. Sakura and Tomoyo

Ahh… this brings back memories!! Cardcaptor Sakura is one of my favourite anime till date, and I won’t exaggerate if I say I wanted to be Sakura so that I can have a friend like Tomoyo!

Image: ladyloveandjustice.tumblr.com

They cooked together, ate together, went to the same class, went to shopping in cute dresses together, and knew each other so well… then they supported each other in the times of need. Tomoyo kept Sakura’s secret, and Sakura protected Tomoyo. Friends like that are hard to find!

You will find more examples in this series!

4. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet

Friendship exists not only between different kinds of people, but also between people who are different! Now, who can be more different between a hi-tech billionaire and a billionaire investor who doesn’t use a computer?

buffett gates buds
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No, it is not just the billionaire tag, it is more than that between these two. What I appreciate is that these are two men on the epitome of success, fundamentally different from one another, and still share a bond! It is a famous story that when Warren Buffet was going to meet Bill Gates, he thought it would be a boring exercise, but this one meeting gave him a BFF! Though Buffet may never invest in hi-tech business, the duo hangs out together and do what they can as geniuses do. You can be completely different from the other person and still be great friends if the intellectual frequency matches!

5. The Famous Five

What wouldn’t I give to have a childhood like these five literary kids! Enid Blyton has given us a world most of us could only wish for; the one filled with adventures and bonds for life!

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The friendship Julian, Anne, Dick, Georgina and Timmy (their pet) share is an ideal one. They go through thick and thin, solving mystery after mystery, as they accept each other as individuals.

The best part about this series is how they meet over holidays and find adventures! Now, who wouldn’t want to quech their curiosities about smugglers and criminals on islands, farms and old houses?!

The twenty-one books in the series are not bestsellers for nothing; they showcase human bonds like no other. These stories show how friends encourage you, how they protect you, and how they bring meaning in life! And hey, holidays are pure boring without them.

6. Jon Snow and Sam Tarly

I cannot resist adding this Game of Thrones example. Jon and Sam! They started off from the lowest ranks in the Watch. Sam fought for Jon and Jon fought for Sam. Now, they are reaching the top.

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The biggest reason why their bromance is special is because they recognize each other’s specialties. Sam knows that Jon is an ideal commander and Jon knows that Sam has the intellect to change the world! He sends Sam off to do what he can best do; find a way to end their common enemy! Miles apart, they are still supporting each other and their mutual trust is commendable.

Thank you, George R.R Martin!

This picture draws another parallel and I highly agree with. 

These are my six picks of this year. There are hundreds of example in real, reel and literary world for friendship, and I have chosen the ones I feel are different than others.

Did you see my Friendship Day post from before? Read it here for an extra dose of happiness! 

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How was your Friendship Day? What do you think about my picks? Do let me know in the comments! 



Little dolls going on a stroll,
Mamma has no hold on them;
Once they learn to dress and talk.
Daughters of eve,
Once they are out to seek,
Find their way to Pandora’s box…

Today’s Book Launch at Crossword

Crossword store launched an all  new store in Bhopal just hours ago and there were some big announcements with it! Author Anand Neelakantan launched his latest book ‘Rise of Kali: Duryodhana’s Mahabharata’ and he made an amazing announcement.

Let the drums roll… 

He will soon be launching a three-book series  for Bahubali! 


He will launch a three book series about  how Kattappa became as he is and many more secrets will be revealed. The author’s friend Mr. Nagrajan added  a twist there: 


AHHH!! It feels like Sherlock Holmes’ The Abominable Bride all over. Because  now I’m  thinking… what if he ain’t  dead 😅 I need a mind palace now, ta!

Besides all of these amazing launches and teasers, I attended my very 1st book launch today! Here are some moments from the launch.

The launch  👏👏😀

Mr. Neel kannan is amazingly patient and charming.  He dealt with an over excited aspiring writer (meeeee) like a gentleman he is! I have a pic with him now yayyy!

He signed for my dad too 😃

The book…

I had an awesome experience 😁 There were some yummy cupcakes,  puffs and coffee too, I should mention. Pind Baluchi took good care of our taste buds. 

Thanks a lot all of you involved  with the event!! 

Have you attended any book launches? Leave your experience in comments!

Eating Out Alone? You are not Alone!

Don’t you feel sad for someone who’s eating all alone in a canteen or a restaurant?  It’s so boring to eat all alone. I used to feel the same for people sitting alone in school and ccollege during lunch. But after  I started working, even I had to come across times when I have to sit alone in McDonald’s and chew on a burger in a corner. 

That’s when I realised- it’s not that bad! 

There are so many reasons why people have to eat out alone. They may be artists who want peace in a cafe, or a person tired of the days work wanting  to relax. Maybe, someone just wants to sit alone with their own thoughts for a while (or a sales executive who is damned to travel all day😅).  People are away from their families and friends now a days and in large numbers. They are working hard to suceed in life! I think it should be a sign of strength that someone is able enjoy his or her own company. 

I don’t feel sad anymore for these people. Why not think positively and pass them a smile? 

Having coffee alone is always relaxing! And I have made some good friends with total strangers at McDonald’s !

Pizza all alone, all for me! It has its own golden feeling to it.

Tea, while enroute Bhopal via bus. I was with a total stranger,  who turned out tto be my grad college senior ! 

Sometimes, you gotta. ..

When it is tea time,  you are not on a sales call (wow!),  and no one’s there in office… just  enjoy the view!

Last but  not the least, I have discovered the best places while eating out alone. For example,  Jamie’s Pizzeria in Palladium Mall, Mumbai. I LOVE it! the coffee was exquisite too!

How often have you eaten alone? I hope you enjoy your self-time, everytime!

Quote from a random conversation!

This one is from my friend Srimathi who we lovingly call Srimi. A bittersweet line to end the day! 


What’s Your Angle?

Everyone has a perspective of their own. Our culture, family, schooling, and many other factors shape us as we grow. Most of the disagreements, misunderstandings and confrontation exists due to the different ways people see the world. 

Can we try understanding them from their point of view?  That would bring a lot of peace in our lives! 

Transforming Rust – Part 2

So it not just Andheri, guys!! It’s also Lower Parel!! I just walked past these beautiful paintings.  Whoever has done these, thank you so much! These many colours and concepts make my day fun. 

I love all of them. The ‘City That Never Sleeps’ now has more enthusiasts and I’m liking it!

Transforming Rust

Andheri local station, like most others, has walls, pillars and bridges looking like the governmental Infrastructure it is. DULL! Full of patches and peels given to it by the weather. Yesterday offered me a new vision, though. I saw these students from Rajhans School painting on a peeling wall with rusted metal corners. What a spectacle our daily travel can be if we could infuse more art around us!

Just Google ‘wall paintings of Bhopal’. You will see how art transforms the scenery. I will do an article on it the next time I’m in my home town.

Keep the artist in you energised!

Quitting? ?

Sometimes, I do lose hope. I feel like quitting and I am on the verge of quitting. After all, it’s smart to quit when you know things won’t be right! But then I remind myself;  I can’t quit just yet. Maybe, things will go up hill. Maybe, I  should wait just a little longer. Maybe… my dreams will come true in the next step! Have I given all that I could?