Mirror Falls and The Silver Maiden

Do you knows what goes on in the night, in the deep dark wild?
Somewhere in the jungle, a branch broke, on a scared little child,
Running from a leopard and a tiger and a demon’s howl.
With nothing but a stone in his hand, and a prayer in his heart,
He was holding his breath, running behind the trees from a bears growl,

There he heard a stream flow, saw the moonlight dance on a flowing surface,
In the wolf’s hour, a great escape!

Holding his stone tight and pushing back in his heart,
He jumped into the water of the Mirror Falls.
Below the surface was nothing but cold,
And on the riverbed a dark patch of mold.

He looked back up at the moon and saw,
A woman with silver hair; he was awed.
Was she an angel or just a human, her sight was one to behold.
Tired of all the beasts and cold.
The moon fell on her skin and reflected a golden warmth,
He smiled underwater, unclasping the stone, well under her charm.
He shut his eyes, for a time that felt infinite,
Opened them again and this time there was no one, but memory of a dream indefinite.

He was inside a room with four walls and a warm bed,
‘I wish I could see you in my dream again’ he said.
‘Always pulling me out of the dark, shaking my demons away,
We stay soulmates, my love, and we will stay this way’.

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