I have been thinking a lot about cycle rikshawalas since coming to Delhi. They take a lot of pain to earn a meagre amount, all the while breathing in the Delhi smog deep in their lungs all day! Today, looking at a man easily 45 plus who was standing outside my office hoping to get a rider, I felt pity. I hesitated. Is it even fair to make a mid-aged man haul me? It was 9 already. The nights are cold here and it gets very dark around my office. I chose to let him haul me out of the insecurity arising as I stood in the shadowy road alone.

He did his best. On the upward slope of the road, before I could consider getting down for him, he got down as pulled the rickshaw with his arms. Downwards on the road he rode like a young boy enjoying the cold breeze on his face.

That’s when it hit me. Why should I pity anyone for a job they chose to pick? He may not have a lot of options, but of the few he did, he chose to own a cycle rickshaw.

Age doesn’t matter to him, why should I be so arrogant as to pity him? One thing I have learnt is to never pity a person for doing a job that helps in survival or , for us, seems unthinkable. I have been taught this all my life and I feel it’s important; always respect people who earn fair and square, whether through the sweat on their brows or the thoughts in their head!

4 thoughts on “Rikshawala

  1. i think, you’re missing out on a big difference. he didn’t choose this job. nobody chooses to be a rickshaw puller. he had to do it, so he could feed his family. but still, we shouldn’t have pity on anyone. we just should be sensible enough to understand, what could be the best thing, that we could have done. and you indeed did the right thing.
    and what you did was really sweet. you’re a lovely and sensitive lady. loved reading this.


    1. Hi, thanks fr your view! I did mention that he doesn’t hv many options. He could be a vegetable or fruit seller or a labour man for any other service like hauling things. It’s not about wht he chose though as you said. We should respect a persons choice of war I g an honest livelihood 🙂


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