Selfie WIth Daughters: Just a Public Display?

Twitter is buzzing with #SelfieWithDaughters pics. For most of you who have been following this campaign, you already understand why this hashtag has become a part of all the buzz. PM Narendra Modi announced the campaign during his show ‘Mann ki Baat’, hoping to spread love and respect for ‘daughters’. Why? Because India is a contrasting country. There are people who respect women, and then there are those who don’t. The  Nirbhaya rape case brought a ‘spring’ of protests against violence, disrespect and inequality thrown at women.

The root of all this, as any one may observe, is the wrong upbringing of boys and girls. Some wrong notions, prejudices and  misinformed decisions lead to women feeling week and boys becoming ignorant- even violent towards women. Thus, the importance of the campaign!

Let me repeat, there are some people who respect women, and some who don’t. The people with wrong notions and prejudices don’t.  PM Modi’s campaign is a baby step towards the right direction; giving the beautiful father-daughter relation focus on the world stage. This is a campaign that saw millions of Indians showing the world that most of us are not rapists, or violent people. We, too, have healthy family relationships.

This campaign not only touches the dads and daughters, but also mothers, uncles, brothers, and everyone else who can log in to a social networking site. Watching so many pictures of fathers and daughters embeds an image that daughters are precious! In the back of their minds, all the boys and men, even those who don’t have their own daughters will realize something. It may be just a bud, but it will be a start of a new thought process; creation of a  new social image! It is the society we learn from. A child will learn to respect others and himself/herself in a respectful society. After all, it is not just for saying that a child is the reflection of his/her parents; it is a fact!

‘Selfie with daughter’ is a campaign for Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Save daughters, educate Daughters). It is focused at spreading love and respect for daughters; and to stop sex selective abortion. One may argue how this spreads awareness in villages without cell phones. I ask these people;

Is it only the villagers who don’t respect their daughters? Are the criminals only from villages? If you put the population of the urban and suburban area, you will get around half the population of India. They have cell phones and internet. They use Facebook and Instagram, if not twitter. Do you people, who say this campaign is not creating the awareness it needs to, really think that the so called ‘better’ half of the population is not a reason for disrespect towards women?

I feel sad watching people criticize a campaign with good intentions. I also regret that some supporters have consorted to foul language while trolling the non-supporters on twitter and other sites. Even some respectable celebrities have been abusive. Whether for personal reasons or just to catch attention, no one is eligible to try and insult something/ someone doing the greater good.

Kavita Krishnan goes to the ridiculous extent of calling the Visionary Modi a stalker. Kavita, doesn’t this remark reflects your own attitude? I think this is quite an accusation, especially with the position you hold. As a women’s rights activist, you are meant to support women. Girls are women. Daughters ,too, are!

Instead of abusing, DO something good yourself!

On the other side, however, many millions have welcomed this campaign and contributed to it. These supporters are not just Indians! People from around the world are loving this campaign. Support of this magnitude leaves me happy at last.

India needs critics for sure, but not abusers. We don’t need people who just talk about changing things while sitting on couches. We don’t need people coming in limelight because they abuse. We need people with a wide view. We need people who can walk the talk. We need people who speak constructively. We need those who embrace CHANGE!

For all the contrasts in our country, we still make a beautiful land with vibrant people! Let’s take the initiative of creating a better society without blaming or abusing others.

Lastly, don’t forget to post your #SelfieWithDaughters! Let’s make this a good day in history 🙂

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