Another quote from contemplation!

I wish I had 3 hearts like the octopus. One for love, one for courage, and one for pumping blood. It’s a bit stressful for a single little thing to do all of it!


Amazing Science

Geometry is everywhere…. seriously…. and it confounds me to no ends… literally…

My latest thought after studying geometry for hours at stretch, and reading about how nature adores it! DO read about Golden Ratio, Phyllotaxis, and Patterns in nature! You will be in for a good surprise 🙂

PHYLLOTAXIS is studies how the nature designs itself in the form of flowers, leaves and other organisms. Golden Ratio is an astounding aspect of this world that can define what we see as beautiful. Every pattern in nature can be based on and recreated by maths. Its truly amazing!


Its not just abt unrequitted love, but a broken friendship too!

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Its not just abt unrequitted love, but a broken friendship too!

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Half a million ppl died in the partition of India. Is it nt important v keep a minutes silence b4 celebrations?
This was nothing less of a war…  #indian #indepenceday #tamas — MinutesOut (@MinutesOut)



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Love is gentle, that is why is it powerful, just like water… gentle enough to bathe a baby and yet a destroyer like no other!


Finally, I designed a book cover for my short stories! This is not final, but this definitely is…

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Finally, I designed a book cover for my short stories! This is not final, but this definitely is acceptable! Do you like manga-inspired art like i do?

When in dilemma…

When in dilemma, eat chocolates n watch TV! You won’t run out of energy, and some good series would give you’re mind a break. See, I’m being scientific, not sarcastic!

(Works for me everytime)

Have a happy day!



“When someone h…

“When someone h…

“When someone h…

“When someone hurts you once, forgive n forget.
The second time forgive but not forget.
The third time… you are a fool to have let them hurt you.”


(by Mansi Babbar on Sunday, September 11, 2011 )

Of the ones I love,

And the loved I lost;

Of the stars and the clouds,971720_696619693686331_290402956_n

And rivers and flowers;

Of the wishes that are a part of me,

Dreamcatcher, catch my dreams…

As the infinity becomes clear,

And the noises disappear;

Step inside the dark,

Find my dreaming heart;

With every colour that I see,

Dreamcatcher, catch my dreams…

Pull me up from the ground,

To your favourite cloud;

Show me all the stars.

From near and far;

The clouds must be softer than they seem,

Dreamcatcher, catch my dreams…

Where a dancing river flows,

Playing with Eros;

Let me find some glowing souls,

I would sigh away my sadness and behold;

Maybe I’d share some words and streams,

Dreamcatcher, catch my dreams…

To the other end of the string I hold,

To where the mystery unfolds;

To where the wind flows,

To the one who waits and hopes;

Take me to the other half of me,

Dreamcatcher, catch my dreams…

Take away my dreams of pearls and gold,

And all the gems my eyes hold;

The memories of happiness you may share,

Your magic in return for my care;

Whatever your price may be,

Dreamcatcher catch my dreams!

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Focus on the result instead of the problem. Vision success, nt failure. All worries wil subdue. — MinutesOut (@MinutesOut)


Worry Makes You Fail… Almost Always!

969238_621572787873568_1413897366_n     Haven’t you constantly worried about something? Don’t u constantly worry about something? And aren’t most of those things about a future that may or may not happen? In the present world and lifestyle, you cannot avoid worrying.

    Worries are thoughts. You are thinking about alternative results you may get, and the problem with us is that we create mostly the negative ones in our minds. Such negative imagination of consequences or happenings will not help you improve anything; you are only deteriorating your chances of success! Most of the time, these negative thoughts have an adverse impact. You become gloomy, fearful. And an up shooting BP is no good for health, is it?

     Worrying can be constructive, however, if it doesn’t come wrapped in negativity. A worry focused on finding the SOLUTION, not visualizing the problem and its ILL CONSEQUENCES become constructive. It may actually calm your nerves!

     For example, I have an exam soon. If I imagine that the questions would be out of my range of solving, its gonna be impossible to score well, I’m gonna fail, etc, then I’d be depressed. I’d give up before trying, at least somewhere in my subconscious. I wouldn’t give my hundred percent, and probably score less. BUT if I instead worry like this- the exam might be tough, I gotta start studying hard right now- the chances are that I would score better than ever. I would be confident more than nervous.

It’s all in your mind. The key to avoiding a negative scenario is to focus on the solution to the problem. Don’t go on thinking the worst and even adding the alternative ways for the worst to happen. If my little bro has not been home from his classes, he might be out his friends. The chances of being kidnapped, attacked, hurt, getting into an accident, lost, or something worst is almost zero. What I may do to stop negatively worrying about him is to give him a cell phone and be in contact!

     Depression, paranoia, anxiety, panic, negativity.. they are not good for a clear mind. Without clarity, there’s no success. Without success, there’s no happiness! Some most laid-back, cool people do the same. Successful businessmen, and other people good at their jobs which looks stressful to us have learnt to work with worries while not allowing the darkness to set in their hearts (my personal example is my dad!). Look around for such people and study them!

     Quit worrying destructively and worry constructively, for in the making- or breaking- is YOU!


Pick of the day: A beautiful sunset!

Pick of the day: A beautiful sunset!

Time seems to stop when I watch the sun go down, spreading its golden everywhere I see. After persistent rains and cloudy weather, we finally have a clear and beautiful sunset in Bhopal! The brimming water in the Upper lake has only enhanced this phenomenon.

Jupiter Structural Layer Cake

Who wants to try? I do!


When I posted the Earth cake, I did not expect it to get anywhere near the amount of attention it received. Getting featured on the Facebook pages Think Geek and I Fucking Love Science was a total highlight of my blogging life. I’m big fans of both pages so it was kind of surreal. A lot of my Zoology graduate mates are also fans of IFLS and you’d often hear conversations in the Masters office beginning with, “Did you see that post by IFLS today?” So I woke up to several of them messaging me about it and we all got super excited over it.

With the exposure those pages brought came a whole lot of people who wanted to know how to make it. I still get a couple of emails a week asking for a recipe. The cake was a total experiment on my part, and not…

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Live, love, laugh, and hug ur teddy!

The more they judge…


The more they judge my expressions, the most phlegmatic I become. Not for the sake of what they say, but for the sake of my own peace. Thus, I lose my innate freedom of expressions. And, feeling proud of the illusion that I’m getting stronger and guilty of losing my own pieces, I layer up a mask around my face. Every layer scratched from inside paints the surface.

A realization I had one day… but now I know for sure MEDITATION and positive thoughts can make you yourself once again! I will soon writea bout it 🙂

A Trip to the royal Rajasthan!

ImageEveryone of the BBA 6th sem student was excited, from the moment a college trip for us was announced! Last semester would be filled beautiful memories of college, and a lot of fun! A trip to Mt.Abu- Udaipur- Chittaurgarh is ought to be an amazing experience, especially if u have your friends by your side.

So, with a lot of shopping and packing, we said bye to our families for a week and left for Chittaurgargh on the 2nd of March. The fun began. We talked, sang, and photographed every silly thing we did in the train. After almost twelve hours of journey, we mounted on a bus for Mt. Abu. The fun and frolic ended though, when the bus started. It was bouncy, noisy, and congested (especially for me because I’m not at all short) while our destination was four hours away! It was sometime later, when the first rays of the sun shone in my eyes, that I woke up to see the fascinating depths of mountains for the first time in my life… far away near the horizons, the Arravalis stood strongly, with composure of a yogi. The depths ran 3000 ft below the narrow road we were on! The bus kept crawling upwards, spiraling. The Arravalis became more and more enthralling!


As we reached to Hotel Grandiose, a string of sighs ensued. Finally, we could rest and eat something. The hotel was, as its name suggests, grand. The food was too delicious to resist a second serving! On 3rd March, officially the first day of our trip, we visited Lake Nakki. It was ten minutes away from our hotel, surrounded by shops and hotels. The first reaction when we saw the lake was- The Upper Lake of Bhopal is bigger! The parks of Bhopal are the same! It was only after some roaming around that I noticed how the lake looked more beautiful; it was due to the mountains beside it! There were more parks around, with huge fountains and a hot air balloon. One more thing that distinguished Nakki Lake from the Upper Lake was cleanliness. The place was clean. Not garbage free, but really clean! We students shopped after walking all around. I bought a very essential hat! The sun was scorching hot and there was no breeze. That was the feel of Rajasthan in the noon.


As the night approached, I had to pull out my sweater. It was as cold at night, as it was hot in the day! I made friends with my new roommates and celebrated Bini’s, my very new friends, birthday!

Fountain of relief in the scorching noon of Mt.Abu.Spot the rainbow!
Fountain of relief in the scorching noon of Mt.Abu.Spot the rainbow!

The next day, 4th March, was perhaps the best day of our trip! We drove to Dilwara or the Jain Temple and climbed up at the highest peak of Arravalis, Gurushikhar. When I saw Dilwara temple, there was nothing special. But when I entered inside… my eyes popped! From the ceiling to the floor, there was not a single piece of marble that was not carved alluringly. I was spellbound. Each carving was different from another, yet they blended perfectly. Every statue had different expressions and poses, but so harmonically! As if it was all a movie and the statues were the characters, every wall and pillar displayed a show. Our guide told us that the carvings in Dilwara are more beautiful than in the Taj. I concluded he wasn’t bragging. Such intricate designs can rarely be found. In addition, the temple has part of its structure dedicated to the artisans who made it, and ten statues of elephant in memory of the animals that carried the foundation stones of Dilwara all the way into the dense jungles that existed before. In how many places would you find such respect? Not in Taj, for one.

The Arravalis range… dazzling!

It took me fifteen minutes and some soda to snap out of the images of Dilwara still reeling in my mind. Next, we headed off for Gurushikhar, the highest point of Arravalis. It was exciting for me to sit at the back of a jeep and watch all the mountains and the snaky road running behind! There were cacti everywhere, and the mountains seem to get bigger and farther. As I hopped out of the jeep, a feeling of light-headedness dawned. I could feel some pressure inside my eardrums… damn we were 4000 ft above the sea level! This is how you feel the heights! I ran up the stairs as fast as I could to reach the top.

AT the highest peak of Arravalis, Gurushikhar!
AT the highest peak of Arravalis, Gurushikhar!

We first entered into Gurudutt’s temple. It was actually a cave! There, a panditji explained how the saint reached the state of enlightenment. Saint Gurudutt had meditated in the cave for a long time to attain Moksha. Almost two floors above this temple was another cave temple, and the most breathtaking view from the topmost point! There was no railing to prevent a fall, which was probable after looking below from the edge! So I maintained my balance, my palms n feet tingling with threat, and stared into the sky. There was no horizon; the mountains and the sky morphed into each other and the fog covered there trails! It was thrilling, I wished at that moment, strongly, to become an eagle and fly away! Lucky are the birds…DSC00172

Our next stop was the peace park. One member of Brahmakumari talked about the rise and fall of the Golden Era of our country, and explained why should we meditate. The park was beautiful with colourful flowers, well designed bushes and creepers, and with a view of the topmost point we had just been on. Then, the bus drove us off to the Sunset Point! And what a beautiful sunset it was from the mountains! It seemed like the sun dissolved into the mountain range like a water-colour drop on canvas.

After gobbling the yummy dinner back at the hotel, we were lucky enough to have a Dj party! Everyone danced and enjoyed for more than an hour, ignoring our aching feet, and woke up late till night talking and laughing with their friends.

Brahmakumari Park was beautiful!
Brahmakumari Park was beautiful!

In morning of the 5th, we left for Udaipur via bus… the same congested bus. But this time, it was fun as we sang our way through. On our way, we stopped for an Industrial visit to a marble factory. It was a big factory, with dinosaur machinery! But I hadn’t seen anything like it before. The cut huge slabs of rock into slabs, and polish them. Sounds simple but actually takes all the sweat and time!

Udaipur was a clean city, with good roads. We stayed at the Vishnupriya Hotel, which was again a nicer place! This hotel was better in terms of decorations and guest services. Plus, we had bay windows (with a clear view of a pool; pun intended) where some students would sit all time. We saw more foreigners here than in Mt. Abu.

A painting in the hotel, Udaipur
A painting in the hotel, Udaipur

The places we visited in Udaipur were Saheliyon ki Bari, Pratap Smarak and Fateh Sagar Lake. Saheliyon ki bari  is a beautiful park full of flowers and appealing fountains. Back in time,only the queen could enter with her friends, and no man was allowed!

In Saheliyon ki badi, with a crazy friend!
In Saheliyon ki badi, with a crazy friend!

The Pratap Smarak was dedicated to the great king Maharana Pratap and also his loyal horse Chetak. The emboss sculptures  on brassshowed the events of the battle of Haldighati, and how the courageous king and his horse fought the Persian enemies. The statue of the king and on his horse was quite life like. Every vein was carved onto it!

DSC00243 DSC00248

Fateh Sagar Lake, once again reminded us of The Upper Lake in Bhopal, but the reflection of the mountains made the place scenic. I appreciated how clean the lake and the areas around it were, and how professionally the police squads patrolled them.

Fateh Sagar Lake

The next day was to bring some more wonderment for us, as we visited the City Palace of Udaipur! The entrance gate itself was a wonder as it could let a big, fat elephant in! It was a grand palace, with magnificent architecture. You could feel the air of sophistication! We saw the many rooms of the kings and the queens, the weapons used by Maharana Pratap, the many paintings, a Suryavanshi symbol cast from pure gold… and the best thing was (for girls) a live size, real looking portrait of the present Prince of Udaipur! Now, who wouldn’t like to see a contemporary icon?!

City Palace, Udaipur
Cuty Palace, Udaipur

We had less than an hour to shop to our hearts’ desire before we left for Chittaurgarh. It was like a roadie’s task! The market outside the palace was so big and wide, filled with adorable things, that you would have to adopt the bee method of running in all directions!

Hand painted door-knobs!
Hand painted door-knobs!

We reached our next destination, The Fort of Chittaurgarh, in the burning heat of the afternoon sun. It was worth tolerating, for the fort was amazing! It stretched 13km into the hills with huge, indestructible walls. There were beautiful carvings everywhere once again! The view took me into the medieval times, as I imagined how the soldiers used to line up and fight the pitiful enemies below. I imagined the sacrifice women and Queen Padmini made back then, jumping into the fires and performing Johar in the fort, when their husbands lost to the enemy. Even after such highlights and shadows, the fort remained untouched by enemies.

Chittourgarh Fort
Chittourgarh Fort

There was a awe striking Shiva temple inside too. It reminded me of Dilwara, as the temple had beautiful and intricate carvings. Hundreds of them! The depiction of Shiva was also uncommon; the three moods of Shiva- happy, meditating, and angry- were cast on a rock and painted. A high monument, similar to Qutub minar, stood strongly in the fort. I found it more attractive due to the carving and statues engraved from head to toe of it! Sadly, it was time to leave, and I couldn’t go to the top.IMG_1815


After visiting a Rajasthani Handloom store, and shopping a little more, we left for our train back to home. All the beautiful memories and images of these mesmerizing places are engraved into our hearts, like the immortal carvings on marble! And the best realization that came to me is that, seriously, I live in ‘The Incredible India’!


Through the Lenses: Bhopal and Its Wildlife (1)

  Image  Bhopal is famous as The City of Lakes. But there’s more to my beautiful city than the lakes! There is vibrant wildlife. There is soul-lifting scenery. There is a unique culture. And then there is Van Vihar, a national sanctuary. Literally, ‘Van’ means ‘forest’ or ‘jungle’ and ‘Vihar’ means  ‘recreation’. Surely, this place is but a successful recreation of a forest!

On a beautiful, foggy morning, Van Vihar is more of nature’s own haven. You drive alongside the Upper lake to reach the entrance; you  are already refreshed and happy with the view the lake offers! The moment you enter, you can hear all sorts of birds singing and see them hopping in bunches. Bulbuls, Kingfishers, Cuckoos, Eagles, Magpies, Peacocks can be heard and, with luck, spotted, along with a variety of migratory birds.


     As you walk further, you pass through the areas of water birds, crocodiles, turtles.Now, crocodiles are not easy to spot! But cranes can be seen standing around, waiting to trick a fish.

Watching the Stream

Look at this one fishing intently!


I luckily spotted an interesting, first  in my lifetime, phenomenon: sleeping bees! Can you figure it out?

Sleepy bees… so they do rest!

On the way to see the leopard and lions of the sanctuary, I came across these beautiful scenes.



The big cats were laying low somewhere. Instead of them, I got the beautiful Kingfisher in my frame!


The next and the last stop was Antelopes! I was so lucky to spot them in the rainy weather!Image

An antelope calf
mama n baby

I can conclude my post by saying this: A walk through Van Vihar shows you life from a wider perspective! You are born again here.



Thank you my friend Ishita Khemaria for going with me! I would not have gone alone ❤ and for the cam too!

PHOTOGRAPHY: By urs truly, Mansi Babbar


A page from my …

A page from my diary,” Acceptance is the first step towards letting go… and to let go means to begin new life, be happy, and make mistakes again. Make mistakes, accept, learn, live, be happy, repeat!”

The Wolverine 2013: Review

The Wolverine 2013: Review.

The Wolverine 2013: Review

This Wolverine-lover is not satisfied with the new Wolverine movie. The script failed to give me the thrills like the other parts gave, especially like Wolverine:The Origin. It couldn’t carry a clear motive; forget the base that gets u emotionally attached with the characters.

The villain was not strong enough. The viper woman should have had more part. The characters got smudged!

Not to forget, the new GIRLFRIEND of our protagonist was as expressionless as tht twilight chick.

And tht reminds me… Jean Grey, you are have been dead fr a long time now and r not needed to come back again and again in Logan’s illusions! It was out of context the last time you appear and ask him to join you. Hands off plz…

THE ONLY GOOD THING about this movie was Hugh Jackman, Yukio, the bear in the starting, the Japanese set-up and scenery, katanas, yakuza tattoos…. even the action was NOT so satisfying as before….

The catch is that after some numbering, you see that magneto and Charles Xavier have returned as one team and ask Wolverine for his help! So I’m still hoping for a great action and the hot Hugh Jackman in a superb story!

Thank you!

Unconditional Love

Beautiful title, no? I think yes!


     I came across a question on net while reading some articles…. What is unconditional love? And I wondered, How can someone answer such a vague, but yet the easiest question? Love itself is unconditional, there’s nothing that compares. There are no rules, laws, binds, limits to loving a person. That’s why it’s unconditional! You will not be stopped by any other person and not even yourself, when it comes to seeing the one you love. You will want to see the person just on a whim, or because you are missing them badly, and any disappointment you have faced from them will not be enough to hold you back. Maybe a thought of them flowed without warning to your head, and you will break the boundaries to go talk to them. Any number of setbacks won’t stop your heart from racing to them.

    Sometimes, this ‘unconditional’ love won’t see any of the conditions you and the other one is in, and it gets u in the condition of love sickness…  Don’t ask me what that means!! Basically it is characterized by your heart pumping louder and faster, sometimes to the point of tearing apart. Every cell in your core releases some kind of energy you can feel flowing in your blood. Its incurable and all you can do is talk to God. Don’t worry if you’re an atheist, you shall start believing in Him when are critically Lovesick!


   When u love someone unconditionally, you do things u thought you could never do! You will learn to be patient, forgiving, compassionate, passionate, gentle, hard working, strong, thankful, interested in new things, appreciating, religious, artistic….  You will discover a new you, and learn to smile! More signs of unconditional love will be prioritizing the other persons happiness instead of your ego. Ego, arrogance, anger, bitterness, all goes away! Sometimes envy and despair eat you at your heart, but you learn to get over those selfish feelings. You become selfless, even fearless! You become protective and helpful in ways you never imagined you could be! Distance wont change the extent of it, nor will the lack of conversations. A thought is enough. A dream is all you need.  If you dont feel this way, then u probably are not in love. its infatuation of some kind…

   Everything I said is so little; words cant even begin to define unconditional love. It is timeless, selfless, endless, above from all physicality, and never apart from you!

     I know all this, because I have some wonderful people in my life. If you have even one special person, you will understand more than this tiny article ❤