An April’s Fool

I joined a job as an administrator in a coaching institute. The very first day of my very first job began with vigor and eagerness to learn. Managing people, managing records, the secret files and financial know-how… I wanted to attain it all as quickly as I could have. It has been 12 days now. Today is the thirteenth day of my job, and all I have done is to create excel sheets and make  calls. Is it under-utilization of the human resources that this place already lacks? Is it just bad luck that there are no big companies in my city?

For God’s sake, I just received a call from a weird student who hung up without listening to my whole response!

I have been pondering over my restlessness, reflecting on myself. A girl like myself who has good communication skills, technical qualifications, a degree in Business Administration, and is eager to stride to the top of life is stuck with calls and excel sheets? Today, I finally came to terms with myself.

Recently, having a ton of free time at the office, I’ve been reading articles and e-news a lot. There are so many people out there doing so many ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Some actually do extraordinary things. There are people going from rags to riches, and rising on the top as I write. One thing common between them all is;


Warren Buffett has sold chewing gums and papers. Walt Disney struggled as a cartoonist in the beginning. Jamshetji Tata was a simple trader before having towns named after him! Jackie Chan was just an extra when he started. J.k Rowling was rejected by dozens of publishers! According to many of us, we are too qualified for our jobs. What is there to learn? But these big bosses had their own set of mind. They had dreams. They were determined to do what they wanted to in life. Failures and criticisms were just the ways of improvement for them.  In times of desperation, they focused on their dreams and stayed calm, never ceasing to think about the next step!

They loved what they did. They decided what they loved.  While I conceitedly complain how overqualified I am for my job, there are people consistently working towards achieving their goals. Many of these might have a supposedly crappy job to earn a living while they plan their moves! Job satisfaction is crucial to a persons happiness, but I discovered that having a clear view of what you want is the key to job satisfaction! Its a chain reaction!

Now, all I have to do is keep my eyes on the future I want to create (I want to be published, have my own production houses and hotel chains, seriously), and learn. I must decide what I want and earn it. Its not just me, but also a whole lot of people like me who need to realize how life makes an April’s fool out of you. Though born in April, I shouldn’t fall into the rat-trap and become one!

So, my dear reader, lets get wise this April’s Fool Day! Große Träume! *


*dream big

4 thoughts on “An April’s Fool

  1. Most of the people just exist. The hardest thing is to start living…..that happens when you are passionate about your dreams,and doing something not for the sake of earning a living,but for happiness….


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