On This Indian Independence Day, a Simple Thought…

As the schools and colleges prepare for Independence Day celebrations and the Red Fort is decorated for our new PM’s speech, there are people who are so not interested in these things. There are students who think of this day as nothing but a mere holiday. What’s the big deal, they think, just chill! There are working people with the same line of thinking, and some people even find it irksome that the shops have to be closed for The Independence Day.
What’s the celebration all about? It’s just another 15th of another month! And anyways, what has India accomplished in the past 67 years besides being highly rated in corruption and standing 2nd in population?

Well, for people thinking along these lines, I want to say something.

We may not have the best bureaucracy in the world, but it’s not the worse either. We may have Pakistan firing on us unprovoked, but we do not our army murdering people because of their religion. We do have as many millionaires like in America, but we are not a debt ridden country either! We do not stand tall like China as the fastest emerging super power, but we do not have manufacturing industries creating mass cancer victims either! We may not have enough oil, but we have enough peace to bask in the glory of freedom!

Our government is improving. Our people are becoming aware and contributing. We have a large population, a young population, that will push us further up in near future! We have a strong culture, more families knit together by love and traditions, an evolving work culture, and an expanding pool of educated people!

We are a nation built on sacrifices of millions of people. Their ideas, ideals, and wishes for future have been absorbed throughout India. Even after many conflicts, we remain one and will remain so for eternity! That is the magic in our nation. We are a democracy that respects all cultures and evolves with time.

We should definitely think about the dozens of problems we are facing, but just for today, let us all stand tall with pride.

So, puff your chest out and keep your head up! We are a nation built by warriors, leaders, teachers, thinkers, kings, queens, brilliant men, and strong women! They deserve to be remembered and respected. The celebrations are held to celebrate their lives, and to remind us of their will.

Ramrajya, Sone ki Chidiya, Bharat…. Let’s make sure our nation regains the prosperity from the golden era, when these words were used to describe us! Let’s celebrate today with enthusiasm, hope, and pride.

Jai Hind!


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