College Interviews and Lucky Charms

I have been preparing to get into a good MBA college for quite some time now, and the high time has come! I have GD and PI calls lined up. It’s at times like these that the tension is at its max. Have i studied enough? Will i make it? Am I even good enough?  Please the God of Luck, smile upon me!! A few months back, I attended a seminar for the prestigious Welinkars College, and I got a pen there. A beautiful blue pen with the name WELINGKARS printed on it. Its always such a beautiful sight… whenever I use that pen I feel energized and all riled up to go!It’s because I so want to get into a good MBA college, especially Welingkars!! This pen has become kind of a lucky charm to me somehow. I carry it everywhere like a superstitious maniac (Makes me remember that Park Avenue deo ad, literally, 😡 ) . I plan to keep it with me on the day of my final test in Welingkars and even after I graduate from there ( this pen lets me dream on)!

But today, alas, the luck charm seems to be getting jinxed… A faculty in my work place, famous for a difficult personality, took it without my permission. Now, I have asked her once to return it and am praying for the lady to give my charm back without hassle! (I feel i can go to depths of searching her desk area!) Its strange asking for a pen… but i have to!

I’m going to share a short timeline of this strange yet noteworthy incident.

12th may,

1 pm

How strange it is! I feel so afraid of losing the pen. I’m scared she won’t return it! I’m angry she took it in the first place! Its frustrating. I ask her once to return it in a wimper like voice. She nods but looks away. Curse you!

1.18 pm

This is excruciating. She has the guts to say she cant find it with a despicable smile on! I feel like crying. How can my lucky charm be stolen like this? Unfair. I am going to be persistent and get it back, I swear. Come what may! (She is kind of influential, so messing with her may mean a lecture from boss or even the end of my job….)


Together with a friend, I tried to sneak inside the lady’s bag. Yes. We tried, but in vain. In the end, mom’s moral lessons from childhood came into the active mode. Its bad manners to sneak into people’s stuff… You win, mom!

My friend consoled me for about ten minutes and I took my cabin seat, still unwavering from my resolve, waiting for a chance.


The lady comes out of her office and prepares to leave.

“Mam, would you please give my pen back? Its my lucky, lucky charm’ I say loudly. May 5-6 people heard. Embarrassing for her.

This time, she finds it at once. Yes, she’s angry and pissed off. She smiles as if I have hurt her badly. I show her the name of of college printed on the pen, hoping for her to understand . I’m not a stingy person, just a little superstitious due to my desperation to get through the GD PI! Can it get through her iron skull? She had misinterpreted my words once before and created quite a scene. Thats just a few days back too. Please, not again! I don’t give a damn, but its awkward to be fighting a lady my mom’s age…


Its really funny and surprising how I panicked. In most other circumstances, I don’t bother to even remember if a pen is missing! However, after everything that happened today, I realize that deep inside a person always has insecurities and a rebellion instinct.  Even when you grow up and start working. These feelings intensify when you are being pushed to an edge, and without realizing, you start believing in things like charms and luck. If anyone tries to take that last sliver of hope, you fight back instinctively. I won’t deny the existence of magic in this world; it is my way to keep my calm when in trouble. And if anyone tries to take it away, then goodluck to them with their days of darkness (btoom).





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