Daddy’s Little Phoenix

She had waited and waited, watching the sun go in circles around the earth. It was an accident. A truck had crashed into his car because the truck-driver was speeding. The next day a slurry of relatives had poured in, showing sympathy and sadness. They put a garland on her father’s framed photographed in the hall and an incense stick in front of it. What went on for the next fifteen days was a blur. All she could see was her father’s slim figure, pushing his specs back on his nose as he carried a book everywhere. All she could hear was his singing voice with which he taught at St. Mary’s High School. All she could feel was the stagnant time. Nothing was moving forward. It was only when a certain person from a bank showed up that she broke out of her trance…

Read the full story on Wattpad HERE! I would appreciate your effort!  🙂

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