Why I love Raj Kapoor’s movies

I keep on changing TV channels to catch one movie that I can watch. Usually, there’s NOTHING I can watch! There are not many movies today one can enjoy if they watch it a second time. That’s why I love Raj Kapoor movies. Though there were and are many other great directors whose movies I simply love watching again and again, RK’s movies leave more of an impact. Everytime I watch them, I discover a new side to his perspective, or discover what I couldn’t before! I feel ‘cinema’ oozing out of every second of his films. Each time, his movies seem fresh out of the factory, even his black and white movies!

Raj Kapoor was a fascinating man. He converted the simple things of life into things of beauty. Even today, when I see his movies, I can’t change the channel. And this is the 21st century! Maybe, it is because this is the 21st century that I can’t. My heart that craves for some substance and art in movies finds more satisfaction in the ones from gone eras!  RK’s movies have substance, art, and meaning in each shot and line. If you have seen his movies, you will understand!

Prem Rog

This article comes while I watch Prem Rog with my mom, for the nth time! RK’s love for cinema and his inclination to deliver social messages is clear in this classic. When other contemporaries where releasing movies with action and glamour, he made a movie on widow remarriage. And beautifully did he make it! The script of this movie is something today’s scriptwriters and directors must learn from (I think they already do, though). Watching this movie brings all kinds of emotions related to life, love, tragedy, friendship, family, society and religion. Cosmopolitan listed Prem Rog in the top ten ‘Most Romantic Films Ever’ .Given the prominence of his name throughout India (as well as out of India) this movie did give the message that widow remarriage is not  crime, but the way  widows are treated in many parts of India is.

My favourite point about this movie: ‘Bhawre ne khilaya phool’ song was shot in a beautiful tulip fields in Amsterdam! How I wish to visit that field in my lifetime…


I can’t imagine that among people aged 20 and beyond in India have not seen this teen romance (I really feel sorry for younger people who can’t get out of their smart-phones and gadgets, including my own brother, who haven’t). Bobby set a new era in Bollywood when Dimple strutted in bikini (it was 1973). And boy did she rock! I really miss the innocent love that The Showman of India introduced in his movies, especially in Bobby. Everything from the ideation to execution was perfect. Trust me, I can’t lie in this matter because jhoot bole kaua kate! The music is in sync. the dialogues and the direction… perfect, perfect, perfect! Why should you see this movie if you haven’t? To see romance from the perspective of RK! It will take you to a different world!

The blockbuster was the top grossing film of ’73. It won many nominations and awards in Filmfare. Indiatimes names it as the Top 25 Must See Bollywood Films.

My favourite point: Rishi Kapoor’s performance and the MUSIC! I still catch my dad singing ‘Mein shayar toh nahi ‘ for my mom, hehe!


In this movie, Raj Kapoor goes on to show that a child is influenced by his surroundings. A judge’s son won’t necessarily become a judge. Also, this movie shows what a stunning couple RK and Nargis were on screen! RK shows his super skills both as an actor and director in this movie revolving around his character as a ‘tramp’ (Influenced but Charlie Chaplin in ‘The Tramp’) and a childhood sweetheart. RK’s real dad was also his reel dad in the movie, and that is a great factor. Prithiviraj Kapoor was an actor in a whole different league! Role of a proud judge suited him as much as being Akbar in Mughal-e-azam did. The movie also portrayed some real life problems and carried a message, like all his movies do. Watch and discover what it was!

Awara is listed in the All Time 100 Greatest Movies by TIME Magazine and entered Cannes Festival. The movie got many more titles and a remake in Turkey called ‘Avare’.

My favourite point: The chemistry between Nargis and Raj!

Teesri Kasam

Ah! The pangs of love! More so, if it remains unrequitted. The third resolution that the rustic villager played by RK takes is to never give lift to a dance performer in his bullock cart ever again! Watch the movie for ‘why’! The movie shows how naive villagers can be, and how simple their lives are. Watching this lifestyle is like watching a whole different world. In a very beautiful way and natural setting, RK smoothly blends story with music and a message; the message of how woman working as performers in ‘nautanki’ are exploited. I think he wanted to show a much larger picture of performing arts industry and the society as whole.

Today, we talk about women empowerment, equality and gender bias. Raj Kapoor talked about it decades ago through his movies. He was not only an artist, but also a philosopher. In an era where male dominance was at its peak in India, he talked about the opposite gender’s issues!

Teesri kasam won the 14th National Film Award.

My favourite point: The natural acting of the cast and the music!

Mera Naam Joker

At last! My favourite RK movie. I know, I hate sad endings. I hate unrequited love type endings. I hate tragedies. I hate good men not getting the happiness they deserve. All the things I hate are there in Mera Naam Joker. Still, I LOVE this movie! The tragic life of Raju is so beautifully presented, that I can watch it through my tears as many times as I watch it. The fact that he still smiles in the end breaks my heart, but i still watch the movie. It is Indian cinema at its best! It truly is a masterpiece, though a sad one, and tells so much about Raj Kapoor. His love for cinema was unconditional! Mera Naam Joker has all the phases of one’s life. Right from chilhood and first love to the nearing end of life, Raju faces it all in this movie.

Mera naam joker was not accepted by the audience immediately. It was commercially unsucessful, but because it was beyond a normal understanding level. It did however win many awards, including the Filmfare Award for the Best Director. RK put six years into the making of this epic.

My favourite point: The story, direction, acting, music, dialogues… EVERYTHING! My favourite song is ‘Ae bhai, zara dekh ke chalo’. That song is applicable to us too, and to every generation that will come!

Though I love many more movies from RK, these are my absolute favourite. Check Shree 420, Barsat, Boot Polish and many other movies from The Showman of India!

Have you seen a Raj Kapoor movie? What did you like about it? I would love to know in the comments! Thanks for visiting us!

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