Identifying You

Have you noticed how much your surroundings influence  you? That one news article that changes your perspective,  that one person whose words you make your own, that one incident you think defines you… We are somehow or another becoming like the art below; whats outside defines what is inside. We let this happen to us.

Its a vicious  cycle we take too lightly. For when we let things outside shape us, we lose our identities. Bit by bit. A piece at a time.

It is the fortune of great people who can think for themselves, form their own views.  Like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, or Einstein. But can we not cultivate that trait, even if for small things?

Reflect! What did you personally think about that one person or that one news article before other people or a screen changed your mind? Have you considered all sides of a story, all facts and thought about it? Don’t let a screen tell you what to think! Don’t let someone, anyone, invade your space of mind.

You and only you have the right to your views. Think. Understand. Weigh the different sides. Only then decide. You should be the first one to identify you!

Same inside as outside

5 thoughts on “Identifying You

  1. Yes. very true that. Every thing around us influences us. They make us think and thus our thoughts travel in that direction. Thus we have no idea of its true path and the complete truth but we still believe what we have read or heard is true. That’s human nature. We all should come over it. Well written. Have a good time. 🙂

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