Someone Like You

You, who were the sunlight of my life in the darkest times,

Giving me warmth from the bright twinkles in your eyes and your hearty smiles!

You, who’s embrace melted my walled core and fears,

You, even someone like you has weaker sides.

You reminded me that the Sun sets and it’s night even after the brightest summer morning,

You reminded me that memories of such melting comforts can be crushing.

You, someone like you, can make and break,

And be someone else’s sun from the next day.

Forget yesterday, forget the summer’s sweet days!

You, someone like you is a boon and a curse,

Flipping someone like me between fire and ice,

You, someone like you is the one I thank and wish to forget in a single prayer,

Some haunting that makes me smile, some bliss that gives me a scare…

You, someone like you, I’m blessed to have met but will never want to meet again,

It’s someone like you that makes a fool wise,

Someone like you I pray I find and keep this time,

As my own Sun without any nights…

And someone like you, you know, will never find,

The Moon’s calming silver light to liven up your soul,

For there’s only one Moon that brings tides!

So, someone like you may be the centre of another’s universe,

But someone like you will never me mine.

Someone like me will revel in the soothing silvery nights,

Hoping for a Sun that always gives the Moon it’s light,

No eclipse,

Only the moon Playing with the sea and forests and all that’s wild,

Spreading a beautiful silver after the moonrise.

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